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Tuesday and Dane Adventure in the Mountains

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One of our favorite topics to talk about with our couples is how they met. Certainly an obvious icebreaker, but is also always accompanied by fun stories, insight into each person, the connection between them, and commonalities we all share.

We’ve been noticing a definite rise in the number of couples who met on some sort of online dating platform. Almost always, their answer comes with a twinge of embarrassment. We love being able to then share that we too met online! It’s a very interesting shift to see, even on the older end of our generation, online dating is still perceived as somewhat…strange. To us, and many of these couples though, we couldn’t have imagined it working out more perfectly! Yay for algorithms! :)

The internet at its very core was designed to connect people. It’s a wonderful tool to bring together perfect matches that statistically speaking may never have happened! These two grew up on opposite sides of the country and could have very likely never have met if it wasn’t for Bumble. And look at them now! Madly in love, living life to the fullest, working hard, playing hard, and cherishing each other every moment of every day.

It’s all about connection folks. Real. Deep. Meaningful connections. We have high hopes that the stigma of internet dating will fade and will give rise to an open mindset of more beautifully curated relationships. Tuesday and Dane are a true testament to the power of connection in an all too often disconnected world. We’re so happy these two met because they’re so clearly perfect for each other.