Chelsea and Troy Hike Settler's Park - Boulder, Co.


We've been in Boulder for over a year now and we still haven't made it to so many of it's beautiful parks! We pass the trailhead to Settler's Park frequently on our way to our favorite spot on Boulder Creek to hammock and chill (drinking Upslope and watching our dog paddle the rapids), but we had no idea this gem was right there all the time! We knew we were looking for a spot with cool rock formations, open fields, and killer light. Chelsea, a geologist, was stoked to have the red sandstone as the backdrop. In true Colorado fashion, we experienced all four seasons in two hours: wind, rain, snow, and sunshine. It was totally worth it for the variety!

Thank you Chelsea and Troy for being up for an adventure despite the day's earlier gale force winds! It sure worked out in our favor! We're so excited for your wedding this summer and can't wait to meet all of your family and friends!