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Content is substance. Social media has become the primary advertising channel for many local and national brands. Your online presence is often the first impression people will have of your company. Is your company cool? Fun? Boring? Innovative? Despite how you feel about it, does your Instagram profile make people feel the same way?

Sure, you can snap some Instagram worthy pictures from your iPhone, post them up and call it a day, but are you really going to stand out against your competitors or woo the millennial generation who practically lives online? There's a sea of amazing photos out there and it takes more and more to impress every day.

Not only is having quality pictures an important part of your presence, so is the overall look and feel of your website or profile page. A cohesive brand identity is a major contributor to being recognizable, memorable, and impressive. People choose to follow brands that they not only want to support, but also who put out quality and consistent work.

There are many other important factors for success on social media: post timing, captions, hashtag curation, targeted advertising, collaboration, and overall strategy. Simply uploading a photo and tapping "Share" does not guarantee post success. Don't be one of the 70% of posts that don't even get seen!

Have you heard of Tim Ferris' Four Hour Work Week? The premise is to offload those business tasks which you're either not good at, don't like doing, or don't have the time for and instead focus your time and effort into what only you can do. Let's be honest, you didn't start your business to run an Instagram account. Let us take everything social media you don't like completely off your plate.

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