The Barn at Raccoon Creek - Littleton, CO

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The year leading up to a wedding affords us ample opportunity to dive in and get to know our couples. We have a few meetings, an engagement session, and correspond via phone calls and email all along the way. With Kelsey and Adam’s wedding though, it was a family effort for sure! During our first meeting we got to know the family. Kelsey’s parents shared their own wedding story, a winter celebration turned complete blizzard. Roads leading to their mountain venue were impassable, causing struggles for both guests and vendors to make the journey. Despite those hurdles, love prevailed and Luke and Sheila wed, surrounded by friends and family with four wheel drive; and they now have an epic story to tell. In face of things that may go wrong on a wedding day, or life in general for that matter, it’s really all in how you handle the bumps that sets the tone for a loving and successful life and marriage.

Hearing her parents’ wedding story growing up, Kelsey always had her heart set on a winter wedding as well. Kelsey and Adam were prepared to accept whatever Mother Nature dished out. We remember talking to them about the potential for a muddy golf course and their response was, “we’ll be married, and that’s all that matters.” That was music to our ears. In all the weddings we’ve been part of, we’ve always found that the most enjoyable and memorable celebrations are the ones in which people go with the flow of the day, have good planning but flexibility with what transpires, and a loving and positive attitude focused in the present moment.

In the front range of Colorado, you can never be quite sure what the weather may hold. The week leading up to this wedding, the forecast was 50s and sunny, but as fate would have it, a big snowstorm rolled in a couple days before, just in time to blanket Raccoon Creek Golf Course with a dreamy winter setting. The day after the wedding, the snow was already melting. The window of time for the snow couldn’t have been more perfect!

Thank you Kelsey and Adam and your tribe for taking us in as part of the fam! It was a pleasure to celebrate with you all!

Family and friends of Kelsey and Adam, if you’d like to see the full set from the wedding day, please click here to see more. There are many more portraits and candids to share :)

Thank you to Isa and company with Raccoon Creek for being such an incredible team to work with. We really appreciate all of the kindness and assistance you showed us!