Final Check In Meeting

Two weeks out from your wedding day, we'll all sit down together to talk through the timeline you have come up with. This ensures that we have all of the pertinent times, locations, and special considerations we need to be aware of to provide the thorough service we pride ourselves in. Through all of the weddings we have been part of, we've seen a lot of different timelines play out. We may be able to call out logistical issues ahead of time to save us all some stress on the big day. Thorough preparation and backup planning are very important to us! If you're debating between a few different options, we'll give you a few thoughts from our perspective to consider that may aid in your final decision making. We also discuss different photo locations we can utilize between the ceremony and reception to get those stunning couple's and bridal party portraits.

Some of the other things we discuss include: family formal photos, "first look" considerations, extra-special plans we should be aware of (maybe Grandpa's 100th birthday or a special anniversary being celebrated), sunset portraits, fun ideas, and more.

The Big Day!

Just like the wedding planning in general, when the big day arrives, the brunt of the work is done! We want you two to be able to focus on each other and celebrating your love with your friends and family. We arrive as discussed in the check in meeting and generally try to stay behind the scenes, capturing your day as it unfolds. We'll gladly help your wedding party stay on track with your timeline, but can definitely go with the flow if you decide to change anything last minute. We will coordinate any venue considerations we have with your officiant, DJ, or other vendors for things such as lighting, timing, or any plan changes.

Throughout the day, we're completely at your disposal! We'll be running around getting the shots we want, but you're more than welcome to grab one of us to get any pictures with guests you'd like.

Delivery of Pictures

After your wedding, it generally takes us only three weeks to have your pictures fully culled, edited, and delivered! When we hear about other photographers who take months to deliver, we're appalled! We enjoy being able to deliver the memories of your day when they are still fresh in your mind. You'll receive all of your photos on a USB drive with full printing and sharing rights to do with as you please. We also upload them to an online gallery where your friends and family will have access to view them and order prints if they choose to. This saves you time so you don't have to place a bunch of different print orders for family members.